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Reclamation, amelioration and protection of soils

Across multiple disciplines, scientists of the FIB are engaged in the reclamation, revaluation and sustainable recultivation of soils on former mining sites and abandoned industrial areas. Further scopes of work are the improvement of soil cover systems on mine tailings, dumps and landfills and the amelioration and recultivation of soils damaged by material input, overuse and erosion. The researchers deal with the analysis and evaluation of substrate and soil properties and their change with time. Procedures, technologies and measures have been developed and tested for soil amelioration and the ecologically compatible application of soil improving agents.

Investigations about the effects of soil improving agents and fertilizers comprise a huge number of special materials such as lignite ash, wood ash, limestone or flue gas desulfurization gypsum. As the dumped raw soils are usually characterized by an extreme lack of humus, application of organic materials like manure, compost, sewage sludge, residues from fermentation or artificial humus fertilizers has been examined in many projects.
Thus, for instance, an organic soil improving agent, produced on the basis of lignite by oxidative ammonolysis, showed a promising performance in field trials for reclamation in Germany, Greece and China.

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